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Extending Products with Templates

With extension templates, you can attach a specific set of custom fields to your products in Product Experience Manager. You can create templates for your products at both the organization and store level.

Product Templates

Templates are a collection of attributes. Attributes are grouped together to match a particular product type or to provide an input for other purposes, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or product specification. For example, a Book template might contain the attributes, such as ISBN, Author, Number of pages, Year Published, or Condition (New/Used).

You can create product templates for both organization and store. However, stores can use organization templates for store level products.

Product Attributes

Use attributes to define the characteristics of products in a store. For example, you can assign attributes such as, care instructions or fabric, to a shirt. When a shopper searches for a specific item, attributes help stores to return the products that match the search criteria. For example, when a shopper searches for a large blue shirt, all shirts that are large and blue are returned as the search result.