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Get a hierarchy



Retrieves the specified hierarchy.


Path Parameters

    hierarchyID stringrequired

    A unique identifier for the hierarchy.


Returns a hierarchy with the following attributes.

    data object
    id string

    A unique identifier generated when a hierarchy is created.

    type string

    Possible values: [hierarchy]

    This represents the type of resource object being returned. Always hierarchy.

    attributes object
    name string

    The name of a hierarchy, such as Major Appliances.

    description string

    A description for a hierarchy.

    slug string

    A unique slug for a hierarchy.

    locales object

    Product Experience Manager supports localization of hierarchies and nodes. If you store supports multiple languages, you can localize hierarchy and node names and descriptions.

    property name* object

    A three-letter language code that represents the name of language you have used.

    name string

    A localized hierarchy or node name.

    description string

    A localized hierarchy or node description.

    relationships object
    children object

    The child nodes related to the hierarchy.

    data array

    An array of child nodes.

    links object

    Links allow you to move between requests.

    related string

    A link to a related resource.

    meta object
    created_at date-time

    The date and time a hierarchy is created.

    updated_at date-time

    The date and time a hierarchy is updated.

    owner string

    Possible values: [store, organization]

    The owner of a resource, either organization or store.